Dangerous Flights is a reality-based TV show which consists of two seasons with a total of eighteen episodes. The Discovery Channel documentary consists of thrilling scenarios. Here are three episodes which had fans at the edges of their seats.

Season 1 Episode 2: Flight-from-Hell

The pressure of working with a start-up aircraft delivery enterprise rises when two of Cory Bengtzen’s pilots quit at short notice. This ultimately leaves him with no choice but to fly the plane all by himself to save the name of his company. Cory finds himself in hot water as he and Randy McGehee walk into a deadly game of blind man’s bluff among different countries. Newly hired pilots Stu Sprung and Kerry McCauley are working on borrowed time with a hurricane breathing down their necks.

Season 2 Episode 4: Flight US-Interruptus

In this February 2014 episode, Cory and Peter are the danger aviators. They have to battle with massive winds, and their fuel supply is alarmingly low. Pete looks to Cory to make the all-important decision to proceed or turn back.

They find themselves hurtling fast towards nowhere, then another hitch arises; an aviation bureaucracy mix-up might force them to turn back. The thrill in this episode lies purely in the suspense.

Season 2 Episode 5: Down-to-Deadline

While on the tail end of an 11000-kilometer flight, the wild side catches Kerry, and he decides to make a stop-over in his beloved hunting cabin. At the same time, his mate Marcio is running against time to be with his expectant wife.

Elsewhere, the equally adventurous duo of Pete and his mate Cory have had a wild night and have to play catch up. Pete still wants to get a bucket-list item out of the way.

It’s great to watch Cory and the other pilots fly planes as they go past obstacles and also race against time to beat the deadlines.