So, you have always followed Dangerous Flights or a similar show. You have been a regular fan from episode to episode, following the daring pilots as they took dangerous routes, flying planes not meant for such distances. As the breath-taking action unfolded in front of you, it must have crossed your mind what a thrill it would be to be in such an adventure.

Well, it does not have to be just a fantasy. Many people with a dream such as yours have created actual demand for such thrills. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have responded with a good supply of activities which will no doubt leave you with a knotted stomach. These combine both risk and safety by pushing ordinary limits. Here are a few of them.

Helicentre’s 15 Mile Flight

If you can really hold your breath for 10 minutes, the Helicentre has a thrill for you in Leicester, UK. You take off in a helicopter which carries just you and the pilot into the skies. You get a pair of headsets that allows you to chat with the pilot as if you were actually co-piloting.

If you feel really adventurous, (which would take quite some guts with the whole city below you), you can request a few artistic stunts mid-air.

Adventure 001

In Beaconsfield, UK, you get to enjoy even greater control of the flight as you will be flying Adventure 001’s helicopter all on your own. It is an excellent chance to overcome any flight fears, as you get to encounter first-hand the challenges of being in control while airborne. Talk about real dangerous flights!

Tenerife Paragliding

You don’t even have to start with a plane to enjoy the thrill of aviation. With a much lower budget, you can go for the world-renowned paragliding challenge in Tenerife, Spain. The jump offers you a chance to go airborne either solo or with an instructor. The thrill is just as gratifying.