Do you like adventures that induce your adrenaline? Then you will love Dangerous Flights. It is a reality TV show aired on the Discovery Channel. The show is not acting, but real people in action like in the Mega Moolah game. The daring mavericks include six pilots who risk their lives delivering small and used airplanes to various destinations worldwide. Your hair will stand while you watch them fly through dangerous weather conditions and unpredictable situations like in the Amazon rainforest and the ice-cold Siberian arctic.

Each episode is unique and involves a ferry-flying mission. You will witness exciting moments of the pilots battling their co-workers and the demanding customers. Though they do it humorously, many times your mouth will be left agape as they try their best to deliver the small airplanes intact.

Exciting Episodes

In Episode 2 of Season 1, Cory Bengtzen finds himself in an awkward situation when two of his pilots quit unexpectedly. The pressure of this young aircraft company starts here and Cory had to do what it takes to save the enterprise’s name. He had no option but to fly the plane with Randy McGehee. They flew over various countries blindly and their encounter will leave you thrilled. They then hire two pilots, Kerry McCauley and Stu Sprung. Unfortunately, a hurricane threatens to appear and the new pilots are hired only for a specific time.

In Episode 4 of Season 2 aired in February 2014, Peter and Cory were the danger aviators. They battled with massive winds while their fuel supply was getting alarmingly low. You will love the suspense in this episode when Pete relies on Cory to make a lifesaving decision of whether to go back or not. They also got into a mix-up involving an aviation bureaucracy that leaves you wondering whether they will turn back.