Dangerous Flights is a renowned documentary-style reality television show which airs on the American pay television network Discovery Channel. It gives viewers an insight into the adventures of pilots who are courageous enough to take on the dangerous jobs of aircraft delivery.

The program involves the business of aircraft delivery. The pilots deliver small used aeroplanes to various destinations around the world to their owners, using routes which were not designed for aircraft use, and which the aviation community deems to be risky.


The television show was initially released on 8 May 2012 and ran to 15 March 2014. It has English as its original language. Its approximate running time for each episode is 45 minutes. The show was produced by PixCom Productions for the duration of its running.

The TV show currently has two seasons. Season 1 was released in 2012 and has eight episodes. The episodes include: Turn and Burn, Flight from Hell, Fuel Critical, Fear Factor, Dark Skies, Prop Jockeys, No End in Site, and Cockpit Crisis. Season 2 has ten episodes and was released in 2014. The episodes include: Wheels Down, Ice Breaker, Cold Comfort, Flight US Interrupts, Down to Deadline, Earning Your Stripes, Storms a Brewin, Ground Turbulence, Throttle Forward, and Flight to the Finish.


The cast members who have been on the show from its premiere (season 1) to present include Cory Bengtzen, Marcio Lucchese, Brad White, Pete Zaccagnino, Randy MacGehee, Dave ‘Super Dave’ Mathieson, Kerry McCauley, Stu Sprung, Yasmina Platt, and Bob Raskey. In the second season, there was an introduction of new cast members who are Alex Pichler and Claire McCauley.

The Canadian TV director of the show, who had been contracted by PixCom production, died in a fatal plane crash while filming the second season of the reality show. The accident took place in Kenya. The show is still pending after season 2 in 2014.