Ever wanted to have a glimpse at what pilots do and how they move around the skies? Dangerous Flights was the perfect watch, but now that it is no more, here are some of the best aviation documentaries which can give you an immersive feeling of life in the skies.

One Six Right

This is a movie which shows the challenges which are faced by Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. One Six Right has played a significant role in the aviation industry by showcasing the passion which pilots really have for flying. The film also exhibits the benefits brought by the aviation industry.

City in the Sky

This is a series composed of three episodes. The episodes give viewers an experience of commercial planes and their travels today. They clearly show how luggage is packed during travel and how the aircraft are actually assembled. The show also gives its viewers a touch of traffic control in the skies.

Flying the Feathered Edge

This is Bob Hoover’s story; a man regarded as one of the best pilots ever. The flying instructor training him reported that Hoover had already turned into a great pilot. Hoover is then placed to work as a trainer of the other instructors. He is later shot in World War Two and spends 16 months in prison before he successfully escapes with an aircraft. He then becomes an aerobatics pilot in America.

Ice Pilots NWT

This is a behind-the-scenes series of events at Buffalo Airways. It includes a look at how the company manages to keep old aircraft flying efficiently. They also give a glimpse at some of the missions they carry out.

Airbus vs Boeing: The Jumbo Jet Race

This is a series showing the competition between Airbus and Boeing, as each company strives to command the commercial flying space. It also shows how some of the planes are developed and how they are sold.