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Episode 10

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Fight to the finish

New Dangerous Flights season coming soon

Kerry worries he’ll wind up in jail after a run-in with gun-toting Federales in Brazil. Over in Uganda, Brad and Stu lose time struggling with mysterious mechanical problems on the Beech.
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The Show

DANGEROUS FLIGHTS is the real deal: a high testosterone action adventure series on the edge of aviation’s final frontier, starring the daring mavericks who risk their lives in the high-danger, no-holds-barred, high-stress business of aircraft delivery.

Dangerous Flights - the Game

Do you have what it takes? These planes must be delivered on time and in one piece. Buckle up and prepare to flex your flying skills! Choose your mission. Stay clear of bad weather and watch your fuel gauge. Repair your plane before time runs out. A good ferry pilot always delivers.
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